Delivery Map

If you live outside of this area, please order from Grubhub.

Ozu delivers to (Tue & Wed) :

Abbett St
Baldwin Ave
Beach St(East of 1&9)
Beacon Ave
Bevan St
Bleecker St
Booraem Ave
Bowers St
Cambridge Ave
Carlton Ave(East of 1&9)
Central Ave(South of Leonard St, North of 139)
Charles St
Cliff St
Collard St
Columbia Ave(South of Bleecker St)
Concord St
Congress St(East of JFK)
Cuneo Pl
Elm St
Ferry St
Fleet St
Floyd St
Franklin St
Graham St(East of JFK)
Griffith St
Hancock Ave
Hobson St
Hopkins Ave
Hutton St
Irving St(East of JFK)
Jefferson Ave
John F Kennedy Blvd(North of 139, South of Bleecker St. / Between Bleecker – Leonard…east side of JFK only for now)
Laidlaw Ave
Lake St
Liberty Ave(South of Bleecker St, North of 139)
Lienau Pl
Lincoln St
Manhattan Ave(East of 1&9)
Milton Ave
Montrose Ave
Nesbitt St
New York Ave
North St(East of JFK)
Oakland Ave(North of 139)
Ogden Ave
Palisade Ave
Passaic Ave
Paterson St
Perry St
Pierce Ave
Prospect St
Ravine Ave
Reserve Ave
Reservoir Ave
Sanford Pl
Sherman Ave
Sherman Pl
South St
Spruce St
St. Pauls Ave(East of Summit Ave)
Stagg St
Summit Ave(South of Polar St, North of 139)
Terrace Ave(South of Bleecker St)
Thorne St
Troy St
Waverly St
Webster Ave
Western Ave
Wood Pl
Zabriskie St